How can I provide a quote to a customer?

The short answer to this question is that: you need to create a job first, then generate a document for the job. However...


“It’s not a job!”


Sometimes the above answer doesn’t really make sense to everyone, for example:

  1. The customer has not accepted the quote yet, so it’s not a job!
  2. I haven’t sent someone to inspect the site yet, so it’s not a job!
  3. What if the customer does not accept the quote? It’s not a job!


The confusing part here is the definition of a “job.”


What is a “job” anyway?


In the system, a job is not necessarily what you and the customer have agreed to do. It’s more like a “folder” to keep all the relevant information about the job that might take place, such as the photos, the client details, and how much you think it would cost.


Okay, so what do you think I should do?


Here’s what you can try, so that the quoting process feels more logical:

  1. Create a few job statuses like “Quoting,” “Quote Accepted,” “Quote Rejected”
  2. When a customer asks for a quote, create a job under “Quoting” with all the info recorded: who requested the quote, what you think should be done, how long you think it would take etc.
  3. Create a PDF document and send it to the customer
  4. If the customer accepts it, change the job status to “Quote Accepted,” else change to “Quote Rejected”
  5. When you’re assigning jobs to your employees, only look for jobs that are under the “Quote Accepted” status


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