Adding Clients


With GeoOp there are many ways you can add Client records.

If you use XERO then you can import all your clients automatically through our GeoOp Integrations. See Integrating GeoOp with Xero.

If you use Freshbooks you can also import clients. See Integrating GeoOp with Freshbooks.

For other imports you can import CSV files of your client records. Further details are found on the CSV Client Import page here.

Additionally you can manually add clients via Clients > Add Client. Adding new Clients is straightforward, however a few points of note regarding certain fields:

  • Code is purely used as a reference for CSV imports, so that data can be matched, this is mandatory.
  • Default Billing Client: Here you can choose to add another Client record you want to invoice to. Some users create client records for multiple 'sites' of 1 particular company where they do the work, & at this point would use this option to bill to the head office record of that company;
  • Business Type is an optional field for your own records. You can add types & they will be saved to the drop-down menu for re-use on other clients records;
  • Lead Source is another field that is for your optional use only;
  • Physical Address is very important - you should always aim to get the address fully accurate for your mapping purposes.
Top Tip: Through the import, you can also create links to other Client records to set them as a Default Billing Client. This can only be done by adding an accurate Client 'Code' (see below) into your import sheet. For more information see our article on Billing Clients here.
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