Adding Staff

To add new staff into GeoOp is very simple. You have 2 ways to add staff, depending on what works best for you and how you would like to roll out the product to them.

From the Staff tab you can view a full list of existing staff and view some summary details by which you can sort or filter. You can also bulk text to staff from here. The 2 ways of adding new staff are accessible from this screen.


Adding Staff - quick start method

The first way is quick and simple, and invites staff directly to their mobiles with instructions to activate their accounts and download the GeoOp application. Staff set up this way will have usernames and passwords automatically allocated to them.

Click the Invite Staff sub-tab. This will take you to a special Add Staff page with a video overview of the quick start process. Essentially all you need to do is complete the fields below, click the ‘Add Another Staff Member’ button to add as many further staff members as you like, then click submit when you're done - easy!


Adding Staff - alternative method

The second way enables you to add greater details on the staff member's record if required, set varied Staff Roles straight away (if you have already set up Staff Roles), and define their user names and passwords. This method obviously takes a bit longer, but gives you the control and time to ensure you have GeoOp set up as you wish, before then rolling out the mobile app to staff at your leisure. For see our article on Usernames & Passwords for further info.

Once you have set the staff records this way, you may even wish to install/set up the app on staff mobiles yourself, and maybe even perform group training to ensure staff get maximum support. It all depends on the scale and nature of your business, the users involved, and the way you want to do things. In the article On the Job - the Mobile GeoOp App, you will find links to YouTube videos that could be sent to Staff for training if you wish.

To add staff using this method, from the Staff tab you'll see the full Staff list. To the top-right of this list is an Add Staff button. This will take you to the full Add Staff page, where you can enter details as required. As a minimum you need to enter full name, username, password and mobile phone details. When done, ensure you save the record, then repeat the process.


Deleting Staff

To delete any Staff records you want, simply navigate to the Staff List screen, tick the boxes to the left of Staff names you want to delete, then click the Selected button above the tick boxes. Choose Delete Selected from the button option.

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