Creating Workgroups

What are Workgroups?

Workgroups allow you to categorise your workforce into smaller divisions, to make it easier to filter and select Staff when assigning Jobs. These categories can be based on whatever suits your business, but skill sets and geographic divisions are the most commonly used definitions. For example, you might have a group of staff tagged with the Workgroup 'North Sydney' to represent the area they cover, or 'Senior Staff' to define experience level.

Staff can be tagged with multiple Workgroups. Once Workgroups are set up, you will then have a Workgroup selector on the Staff, Add Job, Edit Job and Scheduler screens. The GeoOp Scheduler is particularly enhanced when considered Workgroups are used. We would recommend that GeoOp accounts with more than 12 staff use Workgroups.

To create Workgroups

Go to Settings, then the Workgroups tab underneath. To the left of the screen you have a list of created Workgroups, if any have yet been created. To create a new Workgroup category, click the + Add Workgroup button. Add titles as required. To delete any Workgroups, click the minus icon to the right of the title.

When you have created as many as you wish, select the first Workgroup category by clicking on it. To the right will be a list of Staff you have created. To add staff to the Workgroup, simply click on each one as necessary. Blue highlighted Staff members have been added to the Workgroup. To toggle (select) all, or none, of your Staff members to a workgroup in one go, click Toggle All. Repeat the selection process for all Workgroups you have created.

Note: Ensure you save your changes for each Workgroup you create/amend.

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