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This article gives an overview of how you can use GPS with GeoOp. This allows you to track the current location of your mobile workforce.



A mobile phone only has a limited battery and their GPS chips are very low powered so please note that GeoOp isn't a replacement for a dedicated GPS tracking solution hard wired into your vehicles. 

Due to privacy concerns, GPS tracking settings are not centrally controlled by GeoOp online. Instead each GeoOp user can setup their GPS tracking on their iPhone, iPad or Android device as they wish, via the Settings menu.


Using tracking with your device

The basic principles of GPS tracking are consistent from Android to Apple devices, however there is a slight difference in the terminology and where these features can be adjusted in your settings.

Android devices

Key Features

When tracking is enabled you can select:

A.  Location Method

Low Accuracy - This setting gets your location in the most battery efficient way and therefore uses less battery.

High Accuracy - Uses GPS, Bluetooth and crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspots and cell tower locations to determine your device's approximate location, this process is known as triangulation and drains the battery much more quickly.

B.  Location Tracking - This sets the frequency of tracking data sent to GeoOp, the shorter the intervals the more accurate the data - however the shorter the intervals, the shorter the battery life will be.

Also selecting "Keep CPU awake" will allow GeoOp to receive location information even when the device is sleeping, please note the device will only do this when you are logged into the GeoOp App.


Apple devices

Key Features

On Apple devices when you enable "Location Services" tracking is established. Location accuracy is improved when Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Data are turned on.

Within the GeoOp App select "Foreground Tracking" then determine your other settings:

A. Interval Select - This sets the frequency of tracking data sent to GeoOp, the shorter the intervals the more accurate the data - however the shorter the intervals, the shorter the battery life will be.

B. Background Tracking - As discussed below with this selected GeoOp will be sent location data even when the device is in sleep mode.


What is the difference between Foreground and Background tracking?

Foreground tracking - This type of tracking is when you have the GeoOp App open on your Apple device. You can set the time interval for this tracking in settings (see above). If your Apple device is plugged into a power supply foreground tracking will default to update every minute.

Note - As your mobile users will be in and out of the GeoOp app all day we believe that foreground tracking is enough for most GeoOp customers. 


Background tracking - When enabled this type of tracking operates even when you are not using the GeoOp App (You still need to be logged in however). This will send an update to the GeoOp servers every time your position changes by more than 400 metres. 

Note - If you're at one site for a job all day then you are likely to see one location marked for the entire day. This helps preserves both you're data and also battery life.

Top Tip - Background GPS also means your phones GPS is constantly on, this uses a lot of battery life, so we recommend using this if you have access to a charger throughout the day.


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