Out in the field- the Mobile GeoOp App

The GeoOp mobile application is available for Apple iPad, iPhone and all Android pad and phone devices. It is the core functional tool your Staff will use whilst on Jobs, and can be used in many exciting ways. It has great features your Staff will enjoy, for making their time on their Jobs more profitable, more efficient, more streamlined, and most importantly to them, more straightforward. Once they are up and running, and confident with the tool they have at their disposal, going back to pen and paper systems will be inconceivable.

Below is a basic list of features/functions accessible on the mobile app, depending on the Permissions access the Staff member has been given. The purpose of this list is to give you (particularly if you are an Administrator in the office) a quick snapshot of what Staff are able to do on the app, without having to immediately learn it fully yourself:

  • View scheduled/assigned Jobs by overdue, day, week and month views;
  • View 'nearby' Jobs scheduled/assigned for that day. The default distance is 300m, but this can be changed as required from the Settings menu in the app;
  • Update personal details, including a photo, and easily update their personal status by selecting from a range of preset options (eg 'I am on the road');
  • View and add Clients;
  • Call, e-mail or SMS/text other Staff via built in contact records, and view other Staff member's personal status text;
  • View automatically created Notifications about key Job management actions made in the office - eg changes to Job assignments or times;
  • Manage Jobs - new Jobs can be created and even assigned to other Staff members;
  • Easily update a Job Status or Job details;
  • View a map of Job location or get directions via GPS tracking
  • Easily call, e-mail or text Clients;
  • Add notes to Jobs, including photos, documents, signatures and even audio recordings! (possibly the most convenient way to take a note whilst on site);
  • Add labour, parts and even payments to Jobs, as quotable items or actuals. A convenient timer can even be used if preferred;
  • Create instant quotes for a Client, to be emailed by PDF or viewed on their device. Purchase orders or Job summary sheets can also be instantly created;

Using clear layouts and intuitive process designs, it's easy to manage mobile Jobs on the GeoOp app. And best of all, the wealth of information gathered by mobile Staff is updated back to the office in real time, for access either straight away or anytime in the future.

Mobile app support

There are many articles on this Helpdesk detailing the key processes the app enables. Links to some will be given below for quick reference, however text description for these processes, whilst good for detailed overviews of a particular function, are possibly not the best way to get started with the app. One reason for this is, as an inevitable side-effect of providing such broad platform access as GeoOp does (covering Apple and Android devices), slight variations in process from platform to platform exist. These include tab and button locations, slight layout differences etc. Even extensive screenshots are not necessarily a solution, and could be confusing to a new Staff member learning the app.

So, to solve this issue, we recommend a more proactive approach, which will hopefully provide the best start possible for your mobile Staff. We have created a series a very brief training videos and added them to YouTube. There are 4 videos to watch, listed in suggested viewing sequence and around 2 minutes each. That's 8 minutes to have each Staff member fully up and running!

iPad GeoOp training video links:

  1. Jobs Overview -
  2. Communications -
  3. Adding Files & Notes -
  4. Adding Time & Parts -


  1. Jobs Overview -
  2. Communications -
  3. Adding Files & Notes -
  4. Adding Time & Parts -

Feel free to copy/paste the text and links to these videos into emails, which you can send to your staff through GeoOp. They will then have them for reference to view at their leisure, without ever having the need to read an articles such as this. Though we obviously hope they would enjoy them if they did.

These videos will soon become an integrated part of the Add Staff process, to further help your first steps into GeoOp.

Mobile app articles – further reading

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