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Job Statuses are progress tags that you can use to filter and sort Jobs in a variety of ways. Once customised to your workflow, Statuses help you quickly identify what stage Jobs are at. There are four pre-loaded status indicators:


Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 3.10.36 PM.png

Green represents the 'new' Status type. The top option here will be the default for new Jobs. You may want to create an alternative default like 'New Contract', or create additional Status options.


Orange Status options can be set when a Staff member is on the Job. You may want to create alternatives like 'En Route'.


Red is the 'hold' Status type. You may want to create additional Status options like 'Awaiting Parts' or 'Further Visit Required'.


Grey is the final Status type, and represents a completed Job. This Status type closes the Job. You may want to create additional Status options like 'Cancelled'.


Editing your Statuses in Settings

To edit your job status list simply go to Settings / Company Account / Job Status Management and select the "+" symbol to add as many sub-status as required.


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