May Update 2014 - Multi Visit

Multi-visit is a highly-requested feature upgrade which allows multiple visits to chosen jobs.

See the videos on creating jobsusing the scheduler, and the new functionality in iOS and Android.

What are multiple visits?

The introduction of multiple visits is a fundamental change to the way Jobs work in GeoOp. Currently, a Job has a single start and end date, time, and location, and staff can be assigned to that job. This is a simple way of approaching job management, but it does not allow for more than one visit to a site under that same Job.

What multiple visits allows is the ability to create a Job at a specific location, and send staff to the site at different times for different purposes. i.e. A kitchen renovation job may require an initial visit to inspect and quote for the work, another visit for design, a visit for measuring, and two more visits to strip the old kitchen and install the new one. 

The new functionality will allow users to create simple jobs, or to create more complex jobs such as the kitchen renovation.

An upgrade to the existing Scheduler allows users to quickly view each visit to a Job by staff member, making staff and job management even more efficient. The upgrade is reflected in the new Scheduler layout, with staff listed on the left hand side and dates/times at the top. See image below:




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